Maritime Safety of Small Ports in the Central Baltic sea region (MASAPO)


Project aims to raise the level of safety in small ports, with the help of local municipalities, port owners, voluntary maritime rescue stations, boat-owners, yacht clubs, service providers, habitants & visitors.

Our co-partners (Estonian Voluntary Maritime Rescue Organisation, Finnish Lifeboat Institution & Swedish Sea Rescue Society) will participate in various ways, be it SAR-exercises, sharing info. In return they will obtain project results first-hand.

The project implements following:

  • jointly survey & map current situation of safety in small ports
  • make needed development plans
  • carry out needed investments in a few pilot small ports
  • organise maritime rescue trainings
  • hold joint SAR exercises for different target groups
  • draw up & implement a basic safety quality sign
  • participate in marketing activities of pilot small ports

This all will lead to improved services of small ports. Higher standards and basic safety quality sign will give reliability for sailors/boat tourists & will attract more visitors to the region.

This Central Baltic project involves Lead partner, Hiiu municipality, and project partner, Åland Islands Life Boat Society. Additionally, 6 Estonian & 3 Åland pilot ports are participating in various degrees & roles.

Without the fantastic support of our main sponsor, the European Union, through the Central Baltic Interreg Programme, we couldn't have done this project. We also want to thank sponsors Ålands Landskapsregering and Hiiu Municipality.

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